Stem Cells the Future of Medicine

As an orthopaedic surgeon, my patients frequently ask if surgery is the only solution for their condition or injury. For years, my answer was always "Yes, most musculoskeletal problems don't heal well without a surgical intervention."

Today, that has changed. Stem Cell Therapy has revolutionized the way doctors approach treatment for orthopaedic conditions. Stem cell therapy promotes healing, thus eliminating the need for surgery.

  • Dr. Paul Eliot Hughes

What is Stem Cell Therapy?

Stem cell therapy uses mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) found your bone marrow to promote the healing of injured bones and cartilage. Stem cells are harvested from your hip or pelvic bone using a needle. A centrifuge is used to separate the stem cells from other parts of the bone marrow. Then, the concentrated stem cells are injected into your injured tissue. The process is FDA-approved and is used throughout medical science as a non-surgical way to promote healing.

Does Stem Cell Therapy Work?

Stem cell therapy results in accelerated healing and provides pain relief. For many patients, the pain relief can last for years. For soft tissue injuries, pain relief may be permanent. Additionally, stem cell therapy may reduce the amount of physical therapy and rehabilitation you may need after an injury.

A clinical study showed that patients with osteoarthritis in the knee showed excellent results following stem cell therapy. Specifically, patients had decreased pain, increased function, improved activities of daily living and an improved quality of life.

Other conditions that stem cell therapy is effective at treating include:

  • Tendon or ligament injuries
  • Osteoarthritis in the knee, hip, shoulder, wrist, ankle or elbow,
  • Osteochondral defect, commonly called damaged cartilage or bone within a joint
  • Muscle injuries
  • Nerve damage
  • Spine or back pain
  • Labral injuries of the shoulder and hip
  • Joint conditions that can benefit from regeneration healing with stem cells

Is Stem Cell Therapy Painful?

Most patients experience little or no discomfort and return to normal activities within a few days. It only takes about an hour to complete the procedure, and patients are free to return home immediately following treatment.

Is Stem Cell Therapy Expensive?

Stem cell therapy costs 5,500 dollars a treatment at the ROM clinic. Up to three locations can be injected with a single treatment of stem cell therapy.

The cost for a PRP (platelet enriched plasma) injection is $750 per injection.

How can I Learn More?

Schedule an appointment for a consultation by calling our clinic at 650-343-3260. During the consultation, we'll determine if you're a candidate for the new age of medicine - joint regeneration with your own stem cells!

Stem Cells the Future of Medicine
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